High-yielding IT Asset Recovery


Does your old or unused electronic gear still have value? Allow us to bid on those items for more cash than you may expect. We can even perform an inventory at your place or ours!

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IT Asset Recovery Overview


Red Leaf is different. We provide a revenue source that helps offset the cost of your new and upgraded technology. We are a technology company that specializes in knowing the value of your surplus, unused, or decommissioned data center and IT assets. 

Because of our ever-expanding market knowledge, and combined decades of technology experience we can quickly provide you with accurate quotes on your equipment. Not only can you receive working capital, you can also benefit from freeing up valuable space used for storing or maintaining unused assets.

Save your organization time and headaches by letting us take the dreaded inventory chore off your hands. For a reasonable fee, we create a comprehensive inventory list from every pick up and send the list to you along with a quote for any equipment which has residual value. Our schedules are flexible and we strive to accommodate your business in every way possible.

Maximum Returns
We work hard to maximize the amount of money you’ll receive from your equipment. Put some money back into your budget for a change.
Free Bids and Quotes
Want to do a quick compare with another company? Take advantage of free bids & quotes for any job, big or small.
Reduce Your Costs
We are flexible and we work closely with you to your specific needs. We’ll do everything we can to prevent you from walking away with a bill.
One Stop Solution
By combining your Electronic Recycling and IT Asset Recovery services, you are able to save on time and resources while offsetting any associated costs.

Red Leaf's Recycling Process

This is an overview of our overall recycling process. This map gives you an idea of the flow of gear through our facility as we process it and then decide what is sold and what is recycled.

This is a summary and the process is more complicated, but this is our general overview of our method of keeping harmful waste out of landfills