Certified Data Destruction



We offer multiple certified data destruction services, innovative ways to save you money while maximizing security, all with


added peace-of-mind that your data is irrecoverably destroyed.


Whether it’s At Your Facility or At Our Secure Facilities we will make sure the data is destroyed

Data Destruction is the Name of the Game


Why trust your data with just anyone? In this day and age, it’s very easy to lose track of your sensitive information. No one likes surprises, that’s why we’ve perfected the process of handling and destroying data.

D.O.D. wiped – physical destruction – photo evidence – video evidence

Whatever options you need, we maintain a perfect record with our customers.

Don’t just trust anyone with your data. Data breaches occur all the time, and if you don’t entrust this important task to the right people, it could come back to haunt you.

All of our processes are fully documented and special arrangements can be made for access to our system so you can see the status of all data destruction entrusted to us.

Special arrangements can also be made for on-site or drop-off, supervised data destruction. Bring us your requests, we are happy to make accomodations where possible.


Data Safety First

We put the safety of your sensitive data first. We know the importance of preventing data breaches and what it means if anything is compromised. We will insure that no data leaks will ever occur.

Quick and Powerful Shredder
With our powerful industrial shredder, we are able to eat through even the toughest of hard disk media. There’s nothing we can throw at it that won’t crumble down to little pieces, securing the destruction of all data.
Secure Data Wiping Also Available

We have several methods by which your data can be safely destroyed digitally. Click Here to Ask us for more details and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

The Evidence You Require

We’re happy to provide the required proof of physical data destruction. Let us know when requesting data destruction services that you require proof of destruction and we’ll be sure to discuss that with you.

Peace of Mind
Our processes and procedures for handling On-Site data have been refined to offer the best overall solution available. Rest easy knowing that your data destruction needs are being handled by people that take security very seriously.