renovated; renovating

1: to to restore to a former better state
2: to restore to life, vigor, or activity : REVIVE

Our entire business has been built on extending the viability of decommissioned IT Equipment.

IT Renovation as a Service

As an IT Asset Management and Recovery company, one of our core competencies is the refurbishment of computers and laptops. Red Leaf has developed a program to offer this service to our customers to extend the lifecycle of their existing laptops and desktops.

We process thousands of Desktop Computers and laptops each month. And it is fair to say that many of these units have reached the end of their productive lifecycle. It is also true that much of the equipment received can be refurbished and reused for several more years. In these cases, as an IT Asset Recovery company, we purchase this equipment from our customers, refurbish and resell through a variety of channels.

Make your existing laptops and desktops run like new again

What makes a computer or laptop slow down over time? Is the processor outdated? Does the amount of memory or type of hard drive need to be increased or updated? In some cases yes, depending on the age of the equipment. But in some cases, the answer is no. Computers and laptops over time become loaded down with unnecessary software, outdated drives, and possible malware. Applications get loaded and unloaded, and there are always residual parts of the program left on the equipment.

Red Leaf provides a service to be performed on customer owned assets, individually assessing and optimizing each unit’s functionality extending their useable life by years.

The Process

Red Leaf has perfected a comprehensive process of restoring IT equipment to the original operating benchmarks. If we include hardware upgrades into the process, we increase those benchmarks substantially. All work is performed at our facility.

– Red Leaf removes equipment from customer location
– Equipment is inventoried
– Erase hard drive to eliminate all possible existing issues
– Reload current version of Windows 10
– Update drivers
– Upgrade Memory if required
– Run complete diagnostics
– Clean computer or laptop
– Return equipment to customer location


Red Leaf will warranty all work performed for 90 days.